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A Wonderland of My Own

Curiouser and Curiouser

-Shakes cane at you- Come for the nickel tour, eh?

What is available on this journal, even if only to myself: What I am and what I am not, how I change from real-life to journal, what I go through during the day [however boring!], a state of foggy depression as well as eminent enthusiasm, and grammatical errors.

I'm not going to play the "who's more miserable" or "who's got it worst" game with you. Your cat was ran over in front of you? Too bad. I have a paper cut!

as hard as I try, my life is utterly boring and uneventful. I do nothing except for some things listed among "Intrests", go to the store with my mom, and school.

I am an impulsive person and liar. [I'm also honest!] I will lie to be lazy and agree or disagree with you, just to spare you explaining something to me, or me explaining to you. If you know this, question me constantly. Ask me if my previous words were a lie.

I will not label you. I don't like labels, or stereotypes. In the back of my mind, I form an "impression" for myself. Think of it as an artful interpretation.

Please, if you so wish to label me, don't tell me. I know life is short, but really, a single word can NEVER summarize a person.

I like to think everyone is good. This is me being delusional, for I have learned this is not true.

I am sometimes hypocritical. I really try not to be, but everyone is, right?

I have that "life is too short attitude". I want to do everything, see everything, taste everything, hear everything, smell everything and be part of everything before I die. After that, it's a whole new adventure. This why the fact that I do nothing really irritates me.

I hope to travel A LOT in the future. I eventually want a big house, a husband [nothing mail-order!] and lots of kids, at least one adopted. [I won't become some Angelina Jolie, though.]

I want a Rockstar life. I want hard-to-write-lyrics, tours, albums, and sold-out shows. I want crazyness, drugs, sex, and parties. I want to meet famous people, write a book, get interviewed, be on TV. [This is me being stereotypical and hypocritical.]

How to make a Casey:

Preheat oven to 463 degrees. You'll need:

1 syringe filled with desirable liquid
3 rose's petals, slightly wilted
7 1/2 animal crackers, crumbled
1 scrabble letter "Q"
1 cup pin-up girl photos, shredded
2 garden gnomes, paint chipped
1 copy of "Alice In Wonderland"
3 kisses

Mix all ingredients in large bowl until well blended. Spoon into
16.5 x 3 inch pan. Bake in oven for about 12 hours and 14 minutes, or until extremely crunchy. Cut into bite-sized octogons and serve with lice cream.

Low fat directions: Prepare as above. Throw out window as soon as done baking.

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